We bet that nothing could be more exciting than having an ELSA Summer Law School on M&A at the city where Europe and Asia are bridged in the most stunning fashion. Where your even daily commute takes you from one continent to the next along the stunning Bosphorus!

What would that mean?
That means the city which has a timeline starts from prior to 4th century until now, is waiting for you. Can you imagine how much to see?

It has been waiting for you to see its fascinating natural and historical beauties such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar.. but also as an 12 year-old M&A expert, it wants to show you how it brings two continents together for the centuries. Well, it also bridges nights to mornings by non-stop partying but you never know unless you experience it here with us!

How would it do that?
By a week of lectures on M&A given by the partners of top law firms in Istanbul and professors of well-known Faculties of Law of Istanbul.

We, as ELSA Istanbul, would like to host you here in Istanbul, in our 12th year, on our annual summer law school on M&A.

We are ready and already happy to meet you soon!

Please visit the academic and social program tabs for further information.

To apply please visit; http://lawschools.elsa.org/my-product/istanbul-mergers-acquisitions/